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Calligraphy Workshops

Have you ever admired the elegant curves and flourishes of calligraphy and wished you could create them yourself?  In this workshop you'll learn the basics of modern calligraphy, a style that combines traditional techniques with contemporary flair.  You'll learn to use dip pen and ink and how to form letters and words in an intimate, personal workshop run by me.

This workshop will take place from 10-12:30 at College Farm, Thompson, IP24 1QG on the following dates:

Sunday 24th March 2024

The cost is £40 per person and includes all the materials you need: a pen holder, nib, ink, and practice sheets which are yours to keep after the event.

This workshop is limited to 10 spaces.  Sign up below and I will send you more details including details on how to pay.

Clare Warren Calligraphy
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